Introduction to my blog

The term ‘makeover’ is so popular in today’s world. Everywhere, someone is doing a makeover whether it’s changing their clothes, hairstyle, doing a detox or adding makeup. But to me the real makeover is the confidence makeover – it starts within. How you view and love yourself as you are. Being proud of the real you. Many people you see on social media are struggling with their image regardless of how beautiful or smart you think they are. Celebrities and models are struggling. I am not perfect and nobody is so instead of coming down on ourselves let’s build ourselves. It’s all about confidence.

My tips for a confidence makeover are simple:

  1. Look yourself in the mirror and rather than criticising what you see or thinking these are the things I need to change say – damn I am so blessed to have this face and body. I rock!
  2. Choose one item you love about yourself and appreciate it – focus on it whether it’s your smile, your witty humour, your sarcastic humour, your ability to juggle, your hair – focus on it and be appreciative of it.  Self-love as any other love starts small.
  3. Be conscious of thoughts of self-doubt – be mentally aware of them creeping him and imagine a red traffic light saying stop – I can do this! Self-doubt go away.  This takes continuous practice because these doubts are persistent.
  4. At the end of each day reflect – reflect on something small you may have achieved or even a small compliment or smile someone may have given you and remind yourself it happened because you are truly awesome.

Who am I?

I am not an expert, I am not a guru – I am just a woman sharing my real life experience as I have gotten older (I am 38).  By sharing our stories we can help each other.

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